Warehouse 2


Our crew installed this Fence Hawk Plus System – an electrified perimeter security array – around the parking lot & storage yard of a warehouse.

Thieves had been cutting through the fence at night, and cutting catalytic converters off the trucks, causing thousands of dollars of damage each week. They were also stealing anything of value that was left outside, or in the trucks.

A 6 ft. chain link fence topped with barbed wire didn’t deter them. Adding razor wire along the top of the fence, and in the key areas they were breaking in, didn’t deter them. Adding a bear trap covered with leaves didn’t deter them.

The Fence Hawk Plus is keeping them out.

First, an overview of the property:

I show the bear trap photo here not to castigate anyone, but to illustrate how frustrated people get over intrusions through a fence.

Thieves don’t come over your fence – they buy a $12 pair of bolt cutters and come through the screen of the fence, then spend the night stripping vehicles and equipment for metals and parts that they can sell for a few dollars – and leaving thousands of dollars in damages behind them.

Even though they had the thieves on video, and the police identified who they were, no arrests were made, and the same thieves kept coming back.

Fence Hawk Plus electrified perimeter security arrays WILL keep the thieves out.



The back side of the fence was adjacent to municipal property, and the fence belonged to the municipality. So we made the back (West) side a freestanding security array:


Digging the post holes. Dale has built hundreds of fences, but he had a young, new crew on this job. Feel free to chuckle as they learn to use an auger (it’s about lifting the dirt out and getting it away from the hole, more than it is about drilling.


Reinforcing the hole:


Post Details:

There was a curved section of fence. Here’s how we dealt with it:



Because the gate slides behind the building, we didn’t need to make a “pocket”for it. We used 2 sets of gate contacts to make the electrical connections at both ends, when the gate is closed. If the gate is opened the alarm sounds:

Good grounding is the secret of a good electric fence. 8 ft. bronze-clad grounding rods were pounded all the way into the ground. 1 grounding rod was used for the fence energizer, 1 for the Fence Hawk sensor/monitor, and 4 rods were used for the 850 ft. of fence:

Additional photos: