Security Psychology


Security Psychology



The strongest proven fact with regard to Perimeter Security Arrays is the “lethal look.” The fact is, this Array looks deadly.

An Intimidating Fence

The fact that the Array looks like it will kill, harm, hurt and maim is what scares intruders away.

However, this fence is completely non-lethal and will administer no more pain or harm than a hard stinging slap, so the lethal look is most important.

If an existing wall or fence is in place, then it is a matter of designing a fence extension and array with a lethal look, while achieving minimal cost – and still maintain effectiveness.

This psychology stops the intruder from trying to trespass onto your property before he even attempts it.

If he suspects that your fence is a bluff, a very few might touch the charged wires, and the resultant shock will convince them otherwise. Even if the trespasser suspects that the voltage is non-lethal he will not be sure, and he will be quick to try a different property.

This is why the lethal look of the fence is just as important as the fact that the fence is actually charged.

People are afraid of electricity. People can’t see electricity. If people perceive that the fence is dangerous, then it becomes effective.

Warning signs take a lightly designed fence and transform it into a lethal-looking fence.

Keep in mind that the electric fence is completely non-lethal and not dangerous to the smallest, most vulnerable animal.

The fence will administer a stinging and most unpleasant-feeling shock, but will not physically harm an animal, child, or adult.

Understand that the fence is an effective deterrent that will slap their wrist – hard – if someone chooses to ignore it.

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