Recycle Center 3


Recycle Center 3

Recycling Center Electrified Security Fence Project # 3

We are using I-beams and railroad tracks for the corner posts because they had an adequate number available. In this case we cut them to 18 ft. lengths. We used an auger on a Bobcat to dig the 8 ft. deep holes, then added two bags of concrete per hole after setting the posts.

Note how the holes are elongated along the line of force. Several sections of concrete reinforcing rod were placed in each trench to strengthen the concrete, and it was allowed to sit for 3-4 days before any strain was placed on the posts.

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The photos below are the site overview. As you can see, the facility is brand new, and not even open yet, so doing a good-looking job was an important part of the installation.

We take a collection of photos like this when we bid each job, so that when the installers arrive onsite they’re familiar with the project details.