Car Dealer


Car Dealership Perimeter Security System

Cebu, Philippines – This auto dealer was having a problem with pilferage every night. Stolen batteries, wheels, chrome trim, mirrors… every morning when he came into work he found things missing.

It wasn’t just the cost of the parts, it was the expense of ordering the replacement parts, installing them, and having the vehicles “off line” and unavailable until they were repaired.

We installed an early version of the Fence Hawk Plus electric fence monitoring system. This was our first commercial electric fence monitor and alarm installation, done after refining the technology on our own compound in the Philippines (and a few of our friends’ places).

The day we energized the fence pilferage went from “daily” to “none,” and has remained that way for six years.

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A dual-zone Electric Fence with two energizers, two RG-7781 monitors and three batteries in a locking, secure enclosure. There are only two batteries shown because the hookup isn’t completed yet. One battery attaches to each fence energizer, and the third battery is used to power the RG-7781 electric fence monitors. This separates the alarm power from the high voltage power, in the event the high voltage batteries dies – go flat. The silver handy-boxes (electrical boxes) are for the 220 v. AC plug in, for the 12 volt DC adapters, which maintain full charge on the batteries.


Dale Barnes at the car lot in Cebu, Philippines. A job well done!

Electric fence corner post detail. Alternate wires are connected to the hot wires and the ground rods – seen at the bottom of the picture.

We pounded in two eight foot copper-plated steel ground rods to make sure we had a good earth ground.

Though-post detail. PVC water pipe is used as insulators and were run through the steel posts. The plated cable was energized with the high voltage.

The high voltage was turned off during the day when the lot was open for customers.

When the car lot was closed, the cars were illuminated and the steel frame of the vehicles were connected to the high voltage with small-wire with alligator clips. Thus, the whole car was charged with high voltage and insulated from ground by the tires. This provides two layers of protection – and theft was reduced to ZERO.

You can see the old dual-beam infrared electric eye in the lower right, that was found to be useless, within days of installation. It gave an alarm when the thief was careless enough not to step over it; the alarm alerted the thief, who quickly disappeared. The electric eye had little – to no – effect on losses from theft. The new electric fence cut losses to ZERO.

High voltage connections to the fence wires using split bolt connectors.