About Us


About Us

We’ve been in the security business for over 40 years.

Our engineering staff has a combined security experience of over 150 years, protecting a range of properties from small cottages to large museums and huge tracts of land. Our dedication to individualized customer service has allowed us to grow, make friends, and provide protection to people around the world.

The parent company started in South Florida in the 1970’s, and has branched out into many security, fire watch systems and other security-related fields.

Fifteen years ago we recognized the need for a valid and effective perimeter security solution. The concept of keeping unwanted intruders and trespassers out and off of your property was born.

Conventional security systems give warning only after the intruder is already in your house or property.

Walls and fences of any height are ineffective.

Barbed wire and razor wire are only slightly more effective.

High Voltage Perimeter Security Arrays are almost totally effective. The intrusions don’t just go down, the intrusions become ZERO.

Electrified arrays have been around for 100 years, and are known to be safe to humans, pets and livestock.

The downside is that normal electric fences are easy to short, ground, cut or disable in some manner.

Thus, the need for a High Voltage Array with Monitoring and Alarm, combined with specialized installation techniques.

We developed these specialized installation techniques in actual fencing applications. Since there was no company in the world that produced a reliable high voltage array monitor, we designed specifications and operational algorithms, and over several years developed, tested, debugged, and perfected our device in numerous installations.

We’ve installed lots of secured perimeter systems throughout the world.

We believe we have the most stable and reliable perimeter monitoring system in the world today, based on a working knowledge of real-life installations, in a wide variety of conditions and terrains.

With our security expertise, engineering experience, proven fieldwork, and the customers’ best interests in mind, we endeavor to provide the best advice, the most reliable products, and the best expertise to ensure your peace of mind.

For your convenience, you can locate us at:

Electric Fence Monitor, LLC;
270 Walker Drive
Suite 206E
State College, PA 16801

You can email us at engineering@electricfencemonitor.com