Take Your Perimeter Security To The Next Level!

For Human Detection/Security Exclusion and Livestock fences.

The Only New High Voltage Fence Monitor That Does Not False Alarm.
An Alarm means Trouble as it’s supposed to do!
Works with all Fence Chargers, at any Joule Output!


Literally, the ONLY high voltage fence monitor that does not, WILL NOT false alarm from;
  • Local lightning
  • Line noise
  • Voltage Spikes and Surges
  • Power outages on-off
  • Line transformer variations
  • Earth shocks/treamors
With our unique intelligent and adjustable 2 stage voltage sensor that tells you not only when to clean your fence, but trust it to tell you when to send the militia. No mistakes or annoying false alarms. It stands above and alone to keep your yard or pasture safe and secure.

The accuracy and reliability of the Fence Hawk Plus eliminates the need for, and expense of, additional bells, whistles, electric eyes, vibration sensors and what-all they can think of to charge you for. WHY PAY MORE FOR LESS?

Allow us to introduce the newest and latest FENCE HAWK PLUS.


The transparent see-thru top of the Fence Hawk Plus allows one to see the operation and status without shutdown.

The Fence Hawk Plus™is designed to work with ANY electric fence charger commercially available in the world. It’s made in the USA. We certify it for up to 25,000 volts, which is more than any charger on the market puts out, but we’ve tested all units over 60,000 volts. The only high voltage fence voltage monitor that verifies and does not false alarm. Yes! This is the only fence voltage monitoring device that is not a copy of a cattle fence product.

The Fence Hawk Plus is the only High Voltage monitor specifically designed for security applications, for and against HUMANS. However, it also works very well in high value livestock applications.

What the Fence Hawk Plus DOES;
  • It accurately and continuous measures the voltage on your fence.
  • It is compatible with, and will monitor the fence voltage of any High Voltage fence equipment.
  • It will provide an alert when there is a reduction in fence voltage caused by weed growth.
  • Advanced discrimination circuitry can tell the difference between a standard fence voltage and a voltages caused by lightning and any other sources.

What the Fence Hawk Plus DOES NOT do;

  • It does NOT generate false alarms, even from spurious line or induced (lightning) voltage spikes and pulses.
The Fence Hawk Plus Controls;
  • It has adjustable control functions that allow it to operate with any fence energizer.
  • It has a “LOW VOLTAGE” alarm contacts that are adjustable to any fence.
  • It can be delayed and controlled to allow the controls to be located inside the perimeter.
  It can detect intrusion and sets the alarm even the power line cuts off.


How It Works – a one minute video


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