MYTHS with high voltage security fencing


  1. MYTHS with high voltage security fencing
  2. Things YOU DON’T DO when installing a high voltage
  3. SUMMATION of the most common high voltage security fence  mistakes
  4. The actual cost of materials, installation, maintenance, central station monitoring

A common misconception is that a solid wall of high voltage wires provides the highest level of security. In actuality this design, while the cheapest to in install, it is in actuality, the easiest to broach. We see many fences in the field using this design. Security with this design is sacrificed for cost.

We see many fences in the field that are constructed as above. While this type of installation looks impenetrable, in actuality, this design is probability the least secure of all. This looks hard to breach, but in fact is the easiest of all the fence designs available.

With a fence voltage meter (cost approx $35-$40) as is available in any farm supply stores one can easily determine if the fence is actually installed for security or installed the cheapest possible way.

This common fence design is not secure, and is simply a “feel good” and offers virtually no security from anybody with a fence voltage meter. Although the fence seldom false alarms, it is laughably easy to bypassed without any type of alarm ever being given.

As shown in the following sketch, a number of people can enter or leave at their leisure without any alarm at all. This type of fence design requires the least amount of engineering and the lowest installation cost, and the yard should be considered only minimally protected.

This is not security by any definition, but simply a “feel good” fence. This type fence installation is strictly for minimal cost and maintenance, with no regard for actual security. Even more facetious is the fact that an intruder would have to stumble into the fence in the dark.

It is a shame that this design is proclaimed to provide intrusion protection simply because it is a high voltage electric fence.

It is pretty straight-forward when anyone. Crook, potential intruder or your maintenance man can walk into a HOME DEPOT or any farm supply store and buy a high voltage fence meter which can be used to check the high voltage on any fence for less than $50.00 

The time is swiftly passing when such a sub-par designed over-priced so-called security electric fences will be used for security. Better informed companies will save literally millions of $$dollars. Their more informed boards will look further afield. Even when   quality wire, components, and equipment, the out-of-pocket costs will be a small fraction of the tear after year after year of rental fees.