Tire Center 1


Tire Center 1


Tire Center Installation #1

At this truck service center that specializes in tire sales, they sell so many tires that much of their inventory is stored outside.

Thieves have come through the fence using bolt cutters, and over a weekend have stolen thousands of dollars in inventory.

With the multiple-zoned high voltage perimeter security array that we installed along the inside of their existing fence, if thieves try to cut their way in again the alarm will sound and the police will be dispatched (typical response time in this area is five minutes or less).

Overview of the finished job

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By Spring they were having troubles with the rolling gate for the front enclosure. Ice had bound up the sliding electrical contacts, and abuse had broken one of the stainless steel cables that pulled the sliding contact when the gate opened and closed. So, under warranty, we went back and installed a device that would take up the pull more evenly, and be strong enough to break any ice off the wires in the future.