Recycle Center 4


Las Vegas Area Recycle Center


We completed an electrified perimeter security system for a brand-new automobile recycling center outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Their intention is to use this center to show real-world application of modern, non-polluting automotive recycling, in conjunction with industry seminars held in Vegas.

Our team is honored to be their state-of-the-art security fence provider.

Vegas building codes did not allow us to put the posts on top of most of the wall. That’s why they’re sticking out of the side of the wall. Apparently any common wall or fence in Vegas has to be cat-accessible.

The secret to getting the line of posts straight on a project like this is to use a transit to sight down the line, as you’re drilling the mounting holes.

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In this first video we’re sinking a grounding rod with a small jackhammer. It’s quick and easy this way.


Renting a Porta Lift can save labor on these wall-top installations.