Electric Security Fences


Electric Security Fences


A Typical Perimeter Security Array.

A Perimeter Security Array is a series of parallel wires that block access to an area.

The wires are run close together – usually 3″ to 6″ apart – so that they have to be pushed apart or broken to get through. They’re run high enough that they can’t be jumped over.

An electrical current is then run through the wires to detect tampering. By running an opposite charge through alternating wires in the array, it can be detected if the wires are shorted together, or if a jumper wire is attached in an attempt to bypass the array.

There are three ways a current can be run through a perimeter security array:

Low voltage currents of 12 to 100 volts can detect tampering with the array but are harmless when the wires are touched. These are often used in urban settings, adjacent to parks, playgrounds, etc.

High voltage currents can be used which will electrocute anything that touches the array. These arrays are usually protected on both sides by another fence that keeps animals and people out of incidental contact with the array.

We recommend high-voltage, low amperage pulsed currents, like those used in electric fences for livestock control. A voltage of 5,000 to 25,000 volts is pulsed onto the array for about 0.00005 seconds, once a second. This is enough to give a painful shock but is harmless to people or animals. The equipment we use to do this is UL listed, which means its been tested and rated “safe for human use.”


Perimeter security array overview:


We Are Security Specialists

Here at Intelligent Fencing Systems we’ve specialized in perimeter security for over 10 years and have been in the security business for over 40.


A retrofit High Voltage Perimeter Security Array. The “high-security” (small mesh) fence didn’t work at keeping intruders out. Adding the high voltage array took theft to zero – immediately.

We engineer safe, effective, reliable perimeter security systems that have never been defeated.

We design pulse-type high voltage systems, then monitor the actual voltage on the fence at all times, generating an alarm any time an array is cut, shorted or grounded. Our systems are so smart that they warn you when the voltage on your fence is falling due to vegetation growth, and let you know it’s time to cut back the weeds or brush.

The high voltage pulse makes it impossible to climb the fence or array. The alternating electrified and grounded wires trigger an alarm if you try to push through the wires, or throw something like a mattress over it. Cutting the array also generates an alarm.


In 10 years nobody has ever defeated one of our systems.

The patented, computerized Fence Hawk Plus™ monitor we use is able to detect the difference between minor breaches like wildlife and vegetation, and serious breaches like intruders or cut wires. This logic system prevents false alarms. No other system on the market today can do this as reliably.


Perimeter Security Alternatives

A moderately effective alternative form of passive perimeter security (the wall can be climbed). Our systems work better!

Guards are effective perimeter protection as long as they have good vantage points to view the area and can be trusted to stay alert and honest. Very expensive.

Fence shake and motion detectors cost three or four times as much as our systems, and are subject to false alarms every time the wind gusts up or a squirrel climbs your fence. These forms of systems are usually used in conjunction with a reduced guard force.

Motion detectors, laser beams and cameras can cost ten times as much as our systems. They’re effective as long as you’re willing to pay a human being to keep an eye on the system 24/7. Expensive and limited effectiveness.

Our systems are bribe-proof, they never sleep, and cost a fraction to install compared to other forms of perimeter security. All-in-all, they are the most cost-effective form of perimeter security protection there is, AND the most reliable. Intruders don’t just decrease when you install an electrified security array, they go to zero, instantly.


Perimeter security alternatives:

Compare the Competition

There are five other brands of electric security array monitors besides the Fence Hawk Plus.

The computerized, patent pending, made-in-the-USA Fence Hawk Plus™ that we use measures the actual voltage on the line, and makes decisions based on the current voltage state over time. That’s how it prevents false alarms and other bad decisions.

We believe that a system that generates false alarms is worse than no security system at all.


How to install a high voltage array inside a chain link fence:


Alarm System Integration

Fence Hawk Plus systems are designed to be integrated with any form or brand of security system in the world and can easily be added to your office security system, giving you a fully integrated system.

Our system can be installed as stand-alone with sirens, strobe lights and/or a phone dialer, or it can be integrated with existing security systems for access control, intruder detection, or integrated security, where zones can be disabled and enabled.

It’s a flexible and smart system.

If you already have an alarm system, we’re happy to work with your installer. Hooking up our system is as simple as connecting any motion detector or smoke alarm to your existing security panel.

If you’re an alarm company, security company, fence company, hardware store, feed store, government agency, nursery, or wholesaler, retailer or dealer, please contact us. We’d love to work with you and give you sales and installation referrals.