SECURE your Family and Property
with a

The Only High Voltage Fence Voltage Monitor That Does Not False Alarm.

It accurately and continuous measures the voltage on your fence, without interruption.

It will monitor the fence voltage of any HV fence voltage energizer.

It will provide an alert when there is a reduction in fence voltage caused by weed growth.

Advance discrimination circuitry can tell the difference between a generated HV pulse and a pulse that is caused by lightning and various spikes in the power feed.

What the Fence Hawk Plus DOES NOT do;

It does NOT generate false alarms, even from spurious line or induced (lightning) voltage spikes and pulses. Period! End!

The Fence Hawk Plus Controls;

It has control functions that allow it to operate with any make HV fence energizer.

It has a ” LOW VOLTAGE” alarm contacts that are adjustable to any fence.

It can be delayed and controlled when the controls are located inside the perimeter.

The Fence Hawk Plus does not false alarm!

The Fence Hawk Plus accurately and continuously measures any fence voltage!

When Installed correctly any HV electric fence cannot be fooled or bypassed.


SECURE your Family and Property
with a

That’s right! Legal High Voltage Security Fencing! Specifications and definitions are explained and listed in the National Electric Code (NEC). A “legal” Electric Fence hurts and is very painful, but does not kill.

Protect your house, family, property, with high voltage perimeter fencing. We use high voltage circuitry to provide a 3,000 to 20,000 volt SHOCK barrier to any intruder.

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